My name is Michael Baker and I previously have been the interm pastor at the Evangelical Covenant Church in Huntley, Minnesota.  The gifts I bring to ministry are those of pastor, teacher, and leadership.  I have very strong organizational skills and tend to think in systems and strategies.  I graduated from Bethel Seminary and I have an undergraduate degree in psychology. Teaching is my passion and along with preaching, I love to lead Sunday morning class where we dive deeply into Scripture, Christian literature, and current issues.

I am married to a wonderful woman Dora, who is a great life partner and fun to be around! My wife is a writer, crafter and blogger. We enjoy good stories in their many different forms: either in books, TV shows, film, or blogs. We have been married for 15 years and we still have date nights.

I am passionate about helping people be healthy and holy, regardless of the size of the church.  Revitalization in a church is not always about numbers, but about people having an ever-deepening relationship with God, both inside and outside of the church walls.  I am more convinced that the American Church needs to be emotionally healthy and mature to be spiritually healthy and mature (Pete Scazzero), so my passion is to help people raise the level of both.